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2019 Agenda

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  • Introducing a portfolio-led approach to managing Government property to drive efficient and effective use of the estate
  • Saving over £300m per annum in running costs through the disposal of over 1000 properties and reducing vacant space to only 1.5%
  • Encouraging the creation of smart buildings and the adoption of new technologies to increase efficiency
  • Delivering best in class workplace solutions and improved facilities management standards for workers across Government
  • Fulfilling our mission to create great places to work for civil servants to improve wellbeing and enable them to deliver excellent public services
  • Sharing resources and workplaces across the public sector on a locality basis

  • Coordinating smarter working strategies through the Government Property Agency Smarter Working Programme in order to reform Civil Service working practices
  • Enabling flexible working, improving IT tools and creating great places to work
  • Ensuring that smarter working is implemented effectively across Government and setting an example of how it works in practice
  • Sharing learning and best practice across the entire public sector

  • Embracing the IoT revolution in order to optimize business processes and save time & money
  • Creating smart offices and agile workstyles, leading to higher profits, more satisfied employees and better companies
  • Outlining Sony Nimway’s digital service: An intuitive smart office solution which helps business to track & find employees, meeting rooms & desks

  • An insight into how organisations can enable their frontline workforce to deliver better services
  • The impact this has on the organisation, their staff and their customer
  • A guide on the steps you can take to get there
  • An overview of some organisations who are leading the way

  • Emphasising the need for openness and collaboration within an organisation and between different functions in order to accelerate change
  • Highlighting the roles that individuals play in transforming the workplace, and asking what others can do to support them
  • Identifying and overcoming the barriers to successful transformation